Pharoah YT

Volcanic [Explicit] - CD

Pharoah YT Presents Volcanic (The Mixtape) Feat R Double, C.Y. Insaine Caine, New Money, Brewsky, Jay B and J Funkadeliq


P14 - EP [Explicit] - CD

Pharoah YT Presents P14 (Maxi Single) 


Epademik Emcee Esq., Prince Jo Jo & Princess Yasmine


Murderlation Compulation [Explicit] - CD


From off one of the games hottest Independent Record Labels 

I Did Dat Productions Inc 

Comes a new breed of Mcs 

Pharoah YT 


Murderlation Compulation 

Red Rum Intro -- Pharoah YT 

Murderrous Flame -- Pharoah YT 

Babylon Crumblin -- Dread Daze 

Yo Momma in Da Club -- Pharoah YT, Krome and Jessie /Afaze 

Blind Mans Hustle -- Pharoah YT 

Fly High -- Dread Daze, Taboo / From the Black Eyed Peas  

Club Song -- Epademik emcee esq. 

18 & Over -- Pharoah YT, J Switch 

Weeble Wobble Dance -- Blapstar 

Money 2 -- Dread Daze 

Holla Side -- Infinite Ammo 

You Aint That -- Epademik emcee esq. 

For My Love Darling -- Dread Daze 

Smashin -- Pharoah YT, Infinite Ammo 

Trees -- Dread Daze 

Bringing you only the best music that the game has to offer 


Executive Producer 
Pharoah YT 

Mastering done by 


Medicated [Explicit] - CD

From out of the depths of the TOMB resorects one of the hottest McS , The blind man of rap Pharoah YT. with the heart of a warrior Pharoah YT shocks the game once again with his solo relase Medicated. Special guest who came onlong for the Medicated album